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The basic requirement for Rapidleech is a working web server with PHP installed.

PHP Requirement

  1. safe_mode off
    Well, safe_mode can be turned on but you will need some knowledge of PHP to customize and make some workarounds.
  2. fsockopen enabled
    Check this through phpinfo(), if fsockopen is listed under disable_functions Rapidleech cannot work.
  3. allow_call_time_pass_reference On
    This isn't strictly required, but it will produce annoying messages across the pages.
  4. allow_url_fopen On
  5. memory_limit larger than 32MB
    Or you won't be able to download some large files
  6. cURL support enabled
    This is required to check links
  7. output_buffering Off
    This is required to show the progress bar during download, although there are workarounds even if this is turned on. See FAQ.
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