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You want to participate the development of Rapidleech? This page should give you a little bit of introduction on how to start.


If you don't know how to start

There's an excellent PHP tutorial for absolute beginners at the Zend Developers' Zone.

Fix Rapidleech

Try to fix plugins

Plugins is the easiest portion of code in Rapidleech. There are some tutorial on how to write but if you still don't understand, you might want to start by try fixing broken ones.

Implement New Things

You can try to implement new features or anything to make Rapidleech even usable. You can submit your mods in a way that everyone can understand like this.

Other things you can do


The wiki has just been started, it's far from complete. You can help out by writing articles and linking them together to provide useful information to new users. Just make sure the documentation doesn't exist yet.

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